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Dear Selah customers: US retail orders will now be fulfilled by our distributor company IsraeliProducts.com.

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Company Profile

In 2001, founders Lotus and Todd Payer established Selah Parfums Jerusalem, Inc. in order to distribute fragrances, Dead Sea Mineral products, and other beauty items from Jerusalem. Selah Parfums Ltd., an Israeli company founded by the Payers in 2000, manufactures and procures these products from the Jerusalem region.

Inspired by the ancient finds of fragrance and flasks in the Middle East deserts of Judea and Samaria, Selah Parfum captures the spiritual pleasures of Jerusalem. With subtle spices from the most remote reaches and delicate overtones of the rarest fragrances, Selah Parfum is a treasure that now may be partaken by everyone.

Our Mission

Inspired and produced by peoples from around the world, Selah Parfums is devoted to unsealing the treasures of Jerusalem and stimulating your individual health and beauty.