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A Secret Fragrance
A Timeless Vessel
Dead Sea Minerals

"Your Dead Sea Mineral creams have done wonders for my dry skin."  - T.R.

Dead Sea Minerals

Our beauty line of Dead Sea minerals transcend the mundane bringing us to a new spiritual plateau. Revitalizing youthfulness, the minerals enrich our bodies with vitamins and minerals having taken thousands of years to distill.

At 1,312 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea is the lowest point on Earth. The Dead Sea contains numerous water and thermo-mineral springs which make it an unequaled source of hypertonic water.

Brewing under high pressure and intense exposure to the sun, the diversified minerals are of the utmost quality. The Dead Sea water contains the highest concentration of minerals when compared with any other sea or ocean water in the world.

Anti-allergen, particularly for sensitive skin, which acts as a moisturizer and a co-factor for certain enzymes needed for cell activity.

Antiseptic, which heals and relieves skin problems such as psoriasis. It soothes and helps relaxation of nerve endings.

Sodium & Potassium
Both active in transport system across membranes, facilitating the entrance of nourishing substances and the elimination of toxins.

Water balance regulator, which increases the rate of metabolism and helps cell growth and regeneration.

Improves the mineral balance of cells.

Strengthens cell membranes, relieves pain, and activates enzymes.

Plays a role in enzymatic regulation of cell proliferation.