March 1, 2003 — Storied fragrance, unignorable bottle, award-winning box — never has a perfume realized so completely, and creatively, the priceless allure of the ancient past. Fashioned in Jerusalem, Selah recovers from that area many excellences, among them essential oils and exquisite glassmaking. The result is more than a scent; it is a scene, a sweepingly aesthetic event.

Selah represents a genuine labor of love. Ten years in the making, the perfume was created by Lotus and Todd, a young Bucks County couple who lived in the foothills of Jerusalem during the early 1990s. Mere snapshots could not capture the intensity of their romance with the region. They chose instead to preserve this momentous time with a scent, and to honor the purity of its setting with timeless ingredients. Quite fittingly, their perfume takes its name from the Hebrew word for forever.

Selah blends essential oils and spices derived from fragrant powders uncovered alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls. These powders, once exclusive to royalty, formed the basis of Cleopatra's famed cosmetic workshop. A gift from Antony, the Dead Sea workshop is but one example of the queen’s matchless obsession with health, beauty, and fragrance. Earlier still, King Solomon presented similar perfume to the Queen of Sheba.

An elegant floriental, soft and chic, Selah exults in its base notes of sandalwood and amber vanilla, with undertones of frankincense and myrrh. To these are added a number of arresting top notes, including black currant, mandarine, and bergamot, as well as heart notes of orange flower and jasmine. The use of natural oils assures not only a longlasting wear but a combined action with your body chemistry.

Selah's seductive bottle reimagines a 1st-century perfume flacon found in the deserts of Judea, adding to it a sturdy base and discreet cap Manufactured by Pochet, the deep azure bottle is a pleasure to see and hold, with its smooth lines and raised festoon overlay.

The perfume's lovely box, meanwhile, is every inch as unique. The textured surface features a direct scan of Jerusalem
limestone, in the center of which appears a ghosted image of the bottle

Selah's line of body products uses nurturing Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts to enrich your health and beauty.

Come discover how Selah mingles the sensual and historical with both artistic daring and a reverence for early cosmetics.

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